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Clare was drawn to Rolfing because of its dual functions of relieving chronic pain and fostering personal growth.  Since graduating from the Rolf Institute in Boulder Colorado in 1999, Clare's interest and study of the potential of the human body has continued to grow.  Clare completed her Rolf Movement Training in 2002 and her Advanced Rolfing training in 2003.  In addition she has pursued an intense study of alignment based yoga, numerous Rolfing continuing education workshops, including working with scars, nerves and bones, is a Reiki practitioner at the Master level, and a graduate of the Spacial Dynamics core studies program.  Clare loves working to 'solve the mystery' of what is going on in a body and drawing from her repertoire of skills and experience to unravel this thereby allowing much fuller and more joyful embodiment.

Prior to training as a Rolfer Clare lived in the UK and worked professionally as an environmental scientist.  She now lives in Seattle with her husband and their two boys.  When not mothering or Rolfing Clare can be found playing concertina, calling community dances, enjoying spending time with friends, or someplace in the mountains enjoying some peace and solitude.